Honoured & Motivated: Mentioned In U of T’s Magazine

Today was a day something really amazing happened, and here is how it began:

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) is a Crown agency of the government of Ontario that administers province-wide standardized tests to all public school students in grades 3, 6, 9 and 10. Crowdmark was recently used by groups of teachers at Golf Road Junior Public School to carry out moderated marking of grade 3 and grade 6 mock EQAO exams. The experiment was a tremendous success.

I’ve had the privilege to be a member of MaRS Discovery District’s (MaRS)Teacher Advisory Panel—a group of teachers that offers feedback to entrepreneurial teams working in education about their products and/or services. Through the panel, I met James Colliander, the founder of Crowdmark—a web-based assessment system.

I was immediately impressed with how easy it is to access Crowdmark and the speed with which it allows teachers to grade an assessment compared to conventional red pen and paper practices. I began thinking about how this resource could be used to support the teachers I work with and the students we assess if Crowdmark were our primary assessment tool.

After some discussions, we created a pilot study for Crowdmark at Golf Road Junior Public School as part of our annual EQAO Mock Assessment — a larger than usual school-wide, scaled assessment of our grade 3 and grade 6 students.

Typically, we offer students general feedback on their completed tests based on the leveled examplars provided by EQAO, but teachers rarely work through each individual mock assessment due to timing and feasibility constraints in handling so many test hardcopies.

I thought of Crowdmark’s ability to toggle through separate tests (specific to student and individual questions), offer authentic teacher feedback through its comment feature and its capabilities for staff collaboration and moderated marking. Crowdmark fit our needs.

A few months later, today, I received this Tweet and was impacted by what I read:


Looking into it further, I was amazed to see how my interest in innovation in Education assisted, in a small part, to the development of something larger. It began to make sense, I had an impact – we all did – and that impact is fuel for creating future experiences of same tone.

To read the full University of Toronto Magazine article “An ‘A’ for Teamwork“, please click below:

Click To Read The Article

Click To Read The Article


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