Classpace ?

The name “Classpace” (/klasˌspās/) is an obvious combination. Merging two words together that represent the purpose and context of this website – class (as in the classroom) and space (as in the learning space) – the name Classpace combines and highlights the places where we teach and learn.


An open blog, learning hub and community forum, Classpace functions to initiate discussions within the context of schools and their surrounding communities by uniting many facets of the learning process into one centralized virtual space, Classpace. This website may be seen as being more than a focused space, but as a tool, a conversation and a means of display; facilitating communication, inquiry and learning between various stakeholders in education.

Classpace Explores:

  1. How student attitude(s), comprehension and overall learning is impacted by the integration of Technology in the teaching & learning environment
  2. ICT Resources for teaching, in combination with other tools, which support the development of new teaching strategies, pedagogical design, redefining the classroom space
  3. How the virtual world may be utilized as an aid in teacher development and professional learning through the establishment of a networked learning environment, integrating established social networking tools